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1. I upgraded Unity to the latest (2019.2.9f1). I was on 2019.2.01f previously.
2. I created a new project.
3. I imported 2.0.1 of in app browser.
4. Added examplescene in build settings.
5. Unchecked portrait mode from the auto rotation settings.
6. Built to Xcode
7. Signed project
8. Built to a few devices(iPad Air 2, iPad 6th gen, iPhone 7 Plus) with 13.1.3.
9. Opened app
10. Same buggy behavior as before.
I didn’t change any other settings in Unity or Xcode. If the only setting I change is checking the box next to portrait, it works perfectly. Or if I build to iOS 12 it works.

Not sure what else to do. Gonna take a break and work on some other stuff.