Precise Locale

Is Application.systemLanguage not giving you enough information, such as user’s region (GB or US or somewhere else)? Now you will be able to differentiate between en_US and en_GB. That plugin fetches language preferences from device settings: – language (e.g. “en”, “es”) – region (e.g. “GB”, “US”) – currency code (e.g. GBP, USD) – currency symbol … Read more

iOS Mute Switch Detector

This package lets you check the state of the iPhone mute switch button. Simply drag MuteSwitchDetector prefab into your scene and you are ready to listen for events when the user decides to turn it on or off. Plugin doesn’t use any private Apple API so you can submit to the AppStore. Asset store: [LINK] … Read more

Missing Push Notification Entitlement Remover

Being tired of getting Missing Push Notification Entitlement warning every time you create new version of your iOS app? This is caused by unused notification-related code generated by Unity. Plugin simple removes it from your source files after you created Xcode project. Plugin affects iOS builds only. Asset Store: [LINK] Documentation: [LINK]  

In-App Web Browser

This package lets you open website inside a modal platform-native window. That gives better user experience than using Application.OpenURL as user won’t leave your app. Extremely simple API: InAppBrowser.OpenURL(“”); Features: – Works on both iOS and Android, – You can communicate with loaded website through simple API (Javascript-Unity back and forth) – You can hide … Read more

Mobile Speech Recognizer

This package lets you use speech-to-text OS engine. On Apple devices it uses engine introduced in iOS10 – you still might target devices with iOS lower than 10 and use simple API to check if engine is supported. Extremely simple API: onFinalResults.AddListener(…) SpeechRecognizer.StartRecording(); Features: – Works on both iOS (>=10) and Android (>=3.0), – Gives … Read more