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    Hi !!

    I would like to know, using only the example scene to put a specific language and not the one recognized by the mobile. Do not use setlanguege.

    Could you help me by sharing the code of how it is done and where, the language I want to select and that only that is detected is Spanish.

    I tried it in public static void SetDetectionLanguage (string languageID) but I couldn’t. I need help.

    please share the code of how it is done


    Greetings from Colombia

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    I am confused what are you trying to do. Do you want to pre-select specific language in a dropdown in example scene?


    I need to leave a default language (Spanish) in the example scene.
    I want to know how it is. It doesn’t work for me
    could you leave me the code that I have to modify to make it work


    Sorry, still do not understand. Can you simply use different example scene which uses language coming from a device’s setting? Scene you are mentioning is just an example how to allow user to select recognition language.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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