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    Hi, loving the plug in so far, very useful.
    I’ve stumbled on an issue, I have a single page login , I use clearCache (with write permission enabled in manifest) and it doesn’t seem to delete anything, when I reaccess the login page it automatically proceeds.
    It probably still remembers the session or login details…
    Is there anyway to configure the Web browser to never store session or cache data or to force delete anything it’s stored.

    Many thanks!


    Really disappointed with the lack of support….
    I managed to solve my issue by disposing of the session from the server side by going to a log out url, the session and cache were still loaded in the Web browser but we’re not valid anymore.
    Few things I’ve tried to delete cache are:
    . Set android manifest clear cache permissions
    . Clear cache while browser was open and closed
    . Delete persistent data, temporary cache data
    The only thing that worked to stop the browser from saving the cache was closing the application while the browser was still open, I assume it saves the cache and session when it’s safely closed.
    Hope this helps anyone who struggled with the same issue


    Sorry, didn’t have time to look at it yet. Wondering if you could send me a link I could test it on?
    Plugin is using default OS feature to clear browser’s cache, which might be buggy… thanks to Google.


    Hey Piotr,
    It seems i’ve run into something similar.
    a website that i access thru your browser had an issue where the first time you logged in, it would throw a “cookies need to be enabled” error. if you attempt to log in a second time, it works and your in. Now, if you cleared the browsers data (cookies) the error would come back one time. This was repeatable on a PC browser (chrome), android samsung internet, and your browser.

    I contacted our web guy and he fixed the issue, log ins now work on the first correct attempt on PC and phone browsers. He told me he had some cache files that weren’t clearing correctly on the website.
    unfortunately, InAppBrowser still shows shows the error on the first login attempt. second try works, and the problem can be repeated by clearing the app data (settings/ apps/ YourApp/ clear app data). Im having the same issue with IOS.

    I added a button to press to trigger the ClearCache method exactly as it is in the BrowserOpener script, but i have no idea if its doing anything.

    It almost seems that InAppBrowser is grabbing an old version of the website? Is this the intended purpose for ClearCache, or is ClearCache supposed to clear the app data, which should show 0 when inspected via android app settings?

    the website is and the error should only show the first time you try to log in.

    thank you for your time


    Sorry for late response. Could you check unity package I’ve sent on your email?
    It contains some additional cookie-enable setting so it might help on Android platform.
    Haven’t checked iOS yet. Also ClearCache will remove both cache and cookies now.


    Hey Piotr, sorry about my even later reply,
    I just tried out the package you sent me (on android first) but I’m having the same issue. The first login attempt fails saying cookies need to be enabled on your browser, the second try works. all logins work fine after that. If you delete the cookies and data from the app itself via android, the problem comes back. I don’t see any difference with the clearCache button either.

    I can PM you my login information for if that will help you, or you can create an account yourself, if you haven’t already of course!

    thank you for your continued support in this matter.


    Correction, the clearCache button now duplicates the login problem without going to the app settings and manually clearing, so that’s definitely working now.


    Ok looks like this was an error on the site itself,logins are now working. Thank you for supporting such a great plugin.


    Could you share what was the issue exactly?
    For future readers 🙂


    Sure! As per my clients IT guy:
    I’ve narrowed down the cause of the issue. WordPress search for a temp cache that is normally blocked by caching plugins. I disabled all caching in the server and all caching plugins on the site which is what fixed it last time. But I am going to add an exception into the functions file to prevent this from happening again with or without caching.
    This seems to be a common problem on wordpress sites with cache plugins. Hope this helps.


    Also for the record, the clearCache changes you made work great. I know see that after using clearCache, the data and cookies show cleared when you view data under the app which uses inAppWebBrowser.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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