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    Hi 🙂
    We are using the iOS Mute Switch Detector in our Unity Application.
    So far everything worked flawlessly.

    Now we started using microphone audio-input in certain situations.
    As soon as we call the built-in Unity Method Microphone.Start(…), the external IsMuted method from your Plugin will return true, until recording is ended, despite the mute-switch on the device being off (silent mode not active).
    My suspicion would be, that its an iOS problem, but still wanted to let you know about the issue, maybe you have more insight and an idea for a workaround, or even a fix.
    So far, tested on iPhone XR and iPhone Xs.

    best regards,
    Julian from LogoLeon


    Wow, I am surprised anyone is using this plugin nowadays ?

    Frankly I am not maintaining it anymore so your option is to try to tweak code by yourself


    Hey @Piotr,
    Unfortunately noone at our startup has native iOS experience and would really know much about the APIs there.
    I just noticed, the payed “Digits System Volume” seems to also handle mute switch – I think we even have it, so I’ll first check out, if that behaves similarly
    Thanks for the Answer anyways 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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