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    Thanks for a great Unity asset.

    Quick question: I’m trying to get deep link support working on our website and we use your in app browser to access it. When clicking a button on the website to communicate back to our app, the deep link fails (it looks like your browser actually tries to browse to the deep link). However, when we use an external browser and click on the deep link, it goes back to the app just fine.

    Any suggestions?




    What platform (iOS/Android) are you referring to?
    Also how does this URL look like?


    Deep links are generally in the format of scheme://host/path. So for example, if your app name is Tiger Punch, your deep link might be tigerpunch://dosomething?key=value.

    When an app is built, it registers this deep link address in the OS so that any external application that links to that will launch your app directly. So you might have a Tiger Punch website and have a button on it that says “PLAY NOW!” that only appears when on mobile. The button may link to “tigerpunch://dosomething?key=value”, and the OS knows to launch your app instead of doing something else (going somewhere else on the web, for example).

    Here’s a link explaining it much better than I can:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. We’re relying on this functionality for our app. Thanks in advance, Piotr!


    Also, both platforms. We’re using universal deep links and thus they should work on both.


    EDIT : sorry I see you moved my thread here

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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