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    Is there a possibility to stop the android recording in a fixed time instead of wait to android system to stop the recording automatically? for example I want to fix the time of recording in 3 seconds so when the app start to recording the app just catch the 3 seconds of speech even though the user still is talking.
    At this moment I can’t stop it until the system stop the recording automatically


    I am wondering if we could use what android said:

    “However, you can manipulate endpointer parameters directly using the intent extras defined in RecognizerIntent, in which case you may sometimes want to manually call this method to stop listening sooner.”

    to end the speech sooner


    I tried this API for changing time parameters with no effect. It seems it only works in some limited set of devices / OS versions, thats why I could not add them as part of plugin public API. I can send you a version to check by yourself. Google issue tracker has tickets opened about that bug for years 🙁


    Hi Piotr

    I would be nice if you send me a beta test with the option EXTRA_SPEECH_INPUT_MINIMUM_LENGTH_MILLIS?? I have found a beta that you send to somebody but you only added 2 features
    public struct SpeechRecognitionOptions
    public bool shouldCollectPartialResults;
    public readonly int? completeSilenceLengthMillis;
    public readonly int? possiblyCompleteSilenceLengthMillis;

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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