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    I have been stuck with this problem for several days and can not reach a solution
    The time for submitting the project has already passed and I have not succeeded
    Please try to help me

    My app is more than 100 MB is now after all 210 MB
    I split it up and I have not been able to view the files since
    I read that I can move the files to a different folder
    And it worked great but now the APK file weighs 150 MB
    Which actually brought me back to the beginning
    I need a solution how to access files in the obb file
    Even if there is no solution and it can not work I would love to know
    Because I’m just stuck

    Thanks in advance


    This is what you are probably looking for:

    Let me know if you need some modifications to plugin’s code.
    If so we can figure it out.


    Hello Piotr,
    I didn’t succeed to use this code. Could you please send a demo package of Unity for this plugin? I’m sure this will help many othere users of your plugin.

    Thank a lot,


    Demo package of which plugin?


    You’ve sent an example of how to fix the problem.
    But I do not know how to use the example.
    Maybe you have a simple code or an explanation where I put the code for it to work.
    Maybe just how I get a full link to the files that are in the OOB file.

    Thanks in advance

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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