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Hi Piotr,

1, I am trying to open it with the following code

`InAppBrowser.DisplayOptions options = new InAppBrowser.DisplayOptions();
options.displayURLAsPageTitle = false;
options.backButtonText = “<< Back”;
options.pageTitle = “”;
options.barBackgroundColor = “#A8B1B8”;
options.textColor = “#144B8C”;
options.browserBackgroundColor = “#A8B1B8”;
options.loadingIndicatorColor = “#144B8C”;
options.pinchAndZoomEnabled = true;
string FileLocation = Application.persistentDataPath + “/Temp/Temp.pdf”
InAppBrowser.OpenURL(FileLocation, options);`

I know the file is created and exists because I can open it fine using: Application.OpenURL(FileLocation);

2, Yes, it happens to me on all the websites I have tried.

If you have any suggestions, I would be more than happy to give them a try.

Kind regards,