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Hey Piotr,
It seems i’ve run into something similar.
a website that i access thru your browser had an issue where the first time you logged in, it would throw a “cookies need to be enabled” error. if you attempt to log in a second time, it works and your in. Now, if you cleared the browsers data (cookies) the error would come back one time. This was repeatable on a PC browser (chrome), android samsung internet, and your browser.

I contacted our web guy and he fixed the issue, log ins now work on the first correct attempt on PC and phone browsers. He told me he had some cache files that weren’t clearing correctly on the website.
unfortunately, InAppBrowser still shows shows the error on the first login attempt. second try works, and the problem can be repeated by clearing the app data (settings/ apps/ YourApp/ clear app data). Im having the same issue with IOS.

I added a button to press to trigger the ClearCache method exactly as it is in the BrowserOpener script, but i have no idea if its doing anything.

It almost seems that InAppBrowser is grabbing an old version of the website? Is this the intended purpose for ClearCache, or is ClearCache supposed to clear the app data, which should show 0 when inspected via android app settings?

the website is and the error should only show the first time you try to log in.

thank you for your time