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I wanted to verify where the UIWebView reference might be coming from, so I created a brand new project in 2019.2.6f. I made it a simple 2D project without any extra packages.

I then imported just your plugin.
Deleted the source files.
Added the .a file (206)
Opened your example scene.
Made that scene the default in project settings.
Switched the target to iOS.
Added a bundle ID from my Apple account.
Did a build to make sure it runs on my iPhone.
Archived the package for the Apple store.
Uploaded the archive to the Apple store.

I got the same warning that my app contains UIWebView and it is deprecated.

I am not sure what to tell you. I didn’t add anything else. Only your package.

Can you please confirm that you can create an empty project with your plugin in it and it won’t get this warning when you upload it to your account before you release it?

UPDATE: I just did the grep thing and found UIWebView in the libiPhone-lib.a file. Do you include this file or is this something that is default in Unity? I am reading posts, but not sure yet. If Unity then carry on, but maybe you will want to include in the release notes that you have done all you can, but we will still get the warning until Unity fixes it.

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