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Hi, Thank you for your reply.

I mean my post is the same post below.

Title : Audio recording while using Mobile Speech Recognizer

How are you trying to record audio?
There’s no supported way to use recorded clip as an input for recognition.

Microphone.Start(“”, true, 20, 44100);

It works when not trying to recognize speech


Yeah, I think it might be in conflict with plugin recording audio at the same time.
My idea for fixing that is adding a callback which will pass recorded chunks to C# callback, something like OnAudioRecorded(audioChunk: byteArrayOrSomething).

But… that would take some time. Would be able to contribute and add this feature on any platform?

Internally plugin receives audio chunks as a byte array and sends it to recognition engine and then send result to Unity. There could be another optional callback which would take those bytes before sending to engine so anyone from outside could use it measure volume, convert to mp3 etc.

I am asking if you would be able to add this feature to at least one platform.
I could share source code with you and if that’s an option I would be able to cover 2nd platform.


I don’t know the way adding a callback which will pass recorded chunks to C# callback.

Could you tell me the way to this??

By the way, I wanted to donate to you with the feeling of a book, but I can’t send money from Japan.
Thank you for your great support.