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We still haven’t gotten this to work. As far as we can tell we are following your example and readme. Any guidance is appreciated.

I have this code on the Unity side:

private void postMessage(string statusMessage) 
     Debug.Log("[WebViewManager].postMessage -- status: " + statusMessage);
_inAppBrowserBridge is set in the Unity Editor with the prefab in editor. 

Here is the code on the JS side:

thankYouClick() {
  const c = this;
  const { transactionId, method } = c.props;
  const { fromApp, depositAmount, hasBonusCashOffer } = c.state;
  const gameVersion = this.getParam('gameVersion');
  /** Set link to fire for unity web view messaging */
  const message = {
    status: 'success',
    total: depositAmount,
  try {
    console.log({ message });
  } catch (err) {
    console.log('Can not reach native code');
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