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I have a webapp on the web, which uses localStorage.

If I open it via iOS WKWebView, it can use localStorage, which means if I open the iOS app itself, when it loads up the webapp it will use the localStorage as well, so I can store state on client and use it in my webapp.

I want to do the same thing with your unity plugin -to unify ios and android platforms and use just one codebase to create a webview (and later show ads).

When I use your plugin, it can load up the webapp properly. But if I close the unity app with your plugin, when I reopen it – it loads the initial state of my webapp: which means it does not use localStorage.

“Do you see any JS errors while using LocalStorage?” – Unfortunately I don’t know your plugin, how can I find this out?

But my main question is: should it even work, aka. does your plugin support localStorage?